Dentex III

October Fishing Experiences 2016

Hi Guys

Well, I am sorry I have not posted for a while as big things have changed as DENTEX 2 the yellow boat has been sold. The reason being that I take out most parties of between 6 to 7 anglers so DENTEX 2 was a great boat but really too big for purpose.

It was not long before I purchased DENTEX 3 a brand new ‘EVOLUTION 30’ fitted with an Iveco 430hp engine capable of 33 knots but we cruise around all day at 18knots comfortably so you are fishing even quicker now.

The boat has a flat deck so plenty of space, also with some seating in the cabin if needed and also an on deck toilet.

I am now regularly running from the Queenborough All tide landing and all customers seem to prefer that as some fishing marks are only 15 mins away and if smoothound fishing you are onto the fish within 30 mins so it makes sense.

The fishing at the moment on the new boat seems to have been good with smoothounds to 17lb and lots of skate and bass.

The whiting have arrived in force along with dogfish but we are still waiting for the cod to arrive as the water temperature has been so high it is only just dropping so fingers crossed that by the beginning of November we will see some good size cod.

I now have a 2017 tide book and the weekends are nearly already booked so if you want to get out with me then give me a call.

Best Regards

Skipper Steve

Fishing Experience – June 2016

Hi Guys

June has been a bumper month with some good weather and lots of trips out to sea.

Smoothounds have been the main target as everybody loves a fish that ‘pulls your string.’

When the weather has been calm we have been able to fish the shallows in 10 to 15 ft of water, you might think that does not make sense but believe me when smoothound fishing you will not know what to do when they hit; they are off and there’s no stopping them; with fish to 20lb coming and lots of lower doubles so some excellent sport to be had. Some good numbers of hounds as well with an average of 30 to 40 a day and up to 70 if they’re on the feed.

We have also been catching some good bass up to close doubles and were all released but now as of the 1st July you can all keep one each.

I am really busy this July so I’ll try and report at the end of July. August will be out of the question as I am on holiday and the boat will be out of the water for a month for annual maintenance.

All up to date photo’s should be in the gallery soon so please have a look.

All the best,

Skipper Steve

Fishing Experiences – May 2016

Hi Guys

Well, May was a bumper season for Thornback fishing as catches stayed steady at 50 plus a day; evening 80 on the odd trip up to 14lb and catching them in 30ft of water; it was good sport.

The Hounds and Bass started to arrive at the end of May in numbers with Hounds to 15lb and Bass to 7lb this is continuing into June so there is some really good sport to be had at the moment with up to 30 plus Hounds a trip mixed in with some Skate.

The really best bit about catching Smooth Hounds in the Thames Estuary is that you are only fishing in 10ft of water and they do give you a run for your money.

There are new photos in the Photo Gallery on the web site if you want to take a look.

Happy fishing wherever you go and tight lines to all.

Regards Steve

Fishing Experiences March Report 2 – 2016

Hi Guys

Just to sum up, with all the trips from last week we managed to get quite a few day’s in as the weather was kind for once.

On most days we have been getting anything from 20 to 40 skate per trip depending on how long the trips are.

One exceptional trip last Thursday, 31st March we had well over 70 skate to 12lb on just a normal 10 hour day, around 7 hours fishing time, so pretty good and some very tired anglers.

We have also had our first bass of the season on Sunday 3rd April which was 6lb and the angler stayed by the rules and released it back to live again and there is a photo on the web site gallery.

Had our first evening trip on Tuesday 5th April we left at 3pm and returned back at 11pm. We had 12 rays to 10lb so another good night with happy customers.

For bookings please call 07817255739.

Skipper Steve

March Fishing Experiences

Hi Guys

Well, after all the boats reporting that there are no fish out there, Dentex ll had no worries finding them. The fishing has definitely picked up with catches of up to 40 skate a trip together with whiting and dabs mixed in.

The skate are not all big but with lots of small females so a good sign and I’m sure the big girls are following.

If you want to get out on a boat; be well looked after and catch lots of fish then give me a call.

All prices and details are on the website.

Regards to you all

Skipper Steve

February 2016 – Fishing Experiences

Hi Guys

Not too much to report. We have been out on a few fishing trips but, to be honest, they have not been very productive; customers just wanted to get out of the house.

This time last year we had good weather and some really good cod fishing, but this year has brought us back down to earth with water temperatures dropping and just repetitive strong winds.

Looking at things I have a feeling that the fishing will not pick up till mid March with hopefully lots of Thorn-backs arriving and fingers crossed for a spring run of codlings in April.

So apart from some diving and filming work Dentex ll has not been up to much.

Take a look in the photo gallery soon on the website as quite a few photos from last years fishing will be put up there.

All the best and tight lines and hope to see you on board soon.

Best regards

Skipper Steve

Fishing Experiences – January 2016

Hi Guys

Sorry not to have reported on here for a long time as Facebook monopolised most of the content but I will be concentrating more on my web site and giving you a monthly report of what’s been happening on the fishing side together with new photos in the gallery.

Well, 2015 has been a very good year for Dentex 2. It has been a full year of running her and with lots of new and existing customers loving the space and the speed she has that has meant getting speedily to the fishing grounds and being very comfortable if its a windy day.

The start of the year from January to May saw us catching cod between 2lb to 5lb with numbers of 50 per day sometimes but averaging around 30 was not uncommon with lots of thorn back Skate as well.

From May through September it was a great season for skate and smoothounds. We saw catches from 20 to 30 skate a trip, then, once the hounds started coming, we had between 30 to 50 a day with an average size being 6lb to 7lb.

From September until December the cod arrived with the skate still there in numbers. But the cod which arrived were good fish of 5lb to 9lbs. So, some good catches being had; not lots of fish but up to 30 on one trip but averaging 15 to 20 a day.

The start of this year, 2016, has not started so good as the herrings and sprats are here in great numbers so all the fish are off the bottom feeding on the herrings and sprats.

So, through January Dentex 2 is having some maintenance done and getting ready for when the fishing improves mid February into March. then hopefully we will have another cracking year.

Regards Skipper Steve

Fishing Onboard Dentex II – October 2014

Hi Guys

Dentex II is definitely showing off with some good catches since I’ve had her and the customers love her too. There’s lots of fishing space; very stable; nice shelter to get out of the uncomfortable weather; faster, so more fishing time. What more could you ask for.

Oh yes, fish. Since acquiring her we’ve been getting good catches of skate lots of whiting and too many dogfish but they are still welcome.

This season is looking really good as a showing of codling up to 20 a trip ranging from 1lb to 5lb and they’re also in the Medway. So, if the weather is bad we still get a few fish – happy days.

Midweek trips available now only until Christmas as all days are booked up. If you want to get in on the action give me a call.

All the best

Skipper Steve

Fishing Experiences – September 2014

Hi Guys

DENTEX II is now here and available for hire.

Well guys, a bit of a shock. I had ‘The Dentex’ all sprayed up, looking great and ready for the season ahead. I got her back in the water and things all changed.

I made an offer on a new boat including a PX for ‘The Dentex’ and it was all systems go. Within a week I had a another cracking boat. I’ve decided to call her DENTEX II. I’ve had all the logos done and she’s looking great. The web site will soon be reflecting this superb craft but if you want to see her go onto the Facebook page by taking the link from here.

The boat is a Portland 10 which is 35ft long with a beam of 3.7metres, so there is loads of fishing area and there’s seating under cover for anglers to get out of the bad weather. She has 2 engines which are caterpillar 300hp giving a top speed of 29 knots and with an easy cruising speed loaded up of 18 knots. So less time in traveling to the fishing grounds just more time fishing – happy days.

Since I have had her the fishing has just carried on as before with the ‘Dentex’ with lots of fish coming on board.

This season is looking great with lots of skate, whiting, doggies, bass and also there are a great number of codling about 1lb to 3lb at the moment so the season is really looking good.

All in all for ‘Dentex Charters’ things are looking bright with lots of new customers coming on board to enjoy a great day out in comfort and style.

Weekends for the rest of the year are almost full so be quick to get in but midweek sailings are ok.

Evening trips are getting busy with doggies and whitings there and maybe the codlings will push up the Medway soon.

All the best

Skipper Steve

Fishing Experiences – August 2014

Hi Guys

So far we have had a really good fishing season for smoothounds and the thornback rays with a few bass being caught as well.

Lots of new customers this year so I hope you all enjoyed your day’s out.

I’ve been on holiday recently and having got the Dentex out of the water I decided to keep her out for a while and we have given her a good makeover. The boat is still painted in the same colours but has been resprayed from top to bottom so lots of hard work and she looks really good. She’s back in the water now and ready for work as of the 2nd September, so tuesday evening trips will now resume but some weeks that day may change so please call me to check on the sailings.

I’m now taking bookings for this coming cod season as long as they turn up. There are a few showing already so fingers crossed but we won’t know the full story unless we are out there.

To get the best tides midweek or weekends please give me a call before you miss out, ‘Individuals” days are also available.

All the best

Skipper Steve

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